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3BTAPE Kinesiology Tape

3BTAPE Kinesiology Tape   Details   3BTAPE is used in Kinesiology taping treatments of muscle fascia and perfo...

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Crepe Bandage

Crepe Bandage   Details   Woven elasticated bandage. Ideal for giving light support to sprains and strains. Ca...

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Mueller Kinesiology Tape

Mueller Kinesiology Tape   Details   Designed to help increase the natural blood flow around the muscle, Muell...

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Sports First Aid Kit

Sports First Aid Kit   Details   Suitable for all sports including GAA, rugby, football, basketball, hockey Co...

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Freeze Sprays

Freeze Spray   Details: The freeze spray cools the skin and relieves muscle pain and stiffness caused by cramp, sp...

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Premium Sports Tape

Premium Sports Tape   Details   Premium sports tape is made from 100% rayon fabric coated with a zinc oxide adhesi...

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Nasal Plugs

Nasal Plugs   Details   Ideal for controlling common nose bleeds in the first inch of the nose Made from 100% virgin c...

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Image showing Mueller M-Wrap Foam Underwrap

Mueller M-Wrap Foam Underwrap

Mueller M-Wrap Foam Underwrap Details   Pre-taping foam under wrap helps protect skin from tape chafing. Can be used to...

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Mueller Ice Bag

Mueller Ice Bag   Details   Use with ice cubes, crushed ice or cold water Pleated design allows bag fabric to ...

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Reusable Hot/Cold Pack

Reusable Hot/Cold Pack   Details   Ideal for use on a sports injury to help reduce the pain. If a cold pack is use...

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Instant Ice Packs

Instant Ice Packs   Details This disposable instant ice pack is an essential part of any sports first aid kit, especial...

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Physio Supplies

Are you looking for Physio Supplies? Scully First Aid Supplies Specialises in Sports Physio Supplies and deliver to customers throughout Ireland.

Specialising in Sports Physio Supplies