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Defibrillator Drones: Ambulances of the Future

Defibrillator Drones: Ambulances of the Future

In Ireland it has been predicted that one day defibrillators will be as common as road signs. The day is still yet to come, though they are becoming more widespread in schools, sports centres and airports. Now a new portable defibrillator idea has been developed into reality, the defibrillator drone.

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Alec Momont, a graduate of industrial design at TU Delft university in Holland, has invented the Ambulance Drone, which can travel at 100km/h and has a built in defibrillator. The Ambulance Drone has propellers that fold away and a handle so that it can conveniently be lifted once it lands.

Momont says that the Ambulance Drone can increase survival after cardiac arrest from 8% to 80%. The drone’s quick speed and its advantage of avoiding traffic and winding road networks means it can get to an emergency scene 10 times quicker than an ambulance. Time is crucial during cardiac arrest and this speedy outreach time could save tens of thousands of people in the UK alone eery year.

The drone has a camera, microphone and speaker fitted so the remote paramedic that flies the drone can give the emergency caller calm and safe instructions on how to use it. The defibrillator pads are kept in the drone’s nose and each pad is clearly labeled so there is no confusion when an emergency arises.

There is a promotional video of the drone in action below, it shows an older man suffering a cardiac arrest in a public venue and a young woman calling an ambulance. A clock starts to count after she has dialed, and the paramedic on the phone tells her that he is sending a drone. She rushes outside and in under a minute the drone appears. With cool and calm instructions, the woman places the pads correctly and the paramedic then remotely administers the shock. Within 2 minutes the man is saved and everyone has a hug because the old fella is up and alive.

Here at Scully First Aid Supplies we would be shocked if ambulance drones didn’t start to appear in the not too distant future. The technology is incredible and has the chance to save so many lives. For now all we can hope is that defibrillators keep being put in as many public places as possible.

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