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Caring for Diabetic Feet – Chiropodists

Caring for Diabetic Feet – Chiropodists

If a patient is suffering with diabetes, foot care is vital. They tend to heal more slowly from cuts, sores and wounds, because the body’s processes that resist infection are more lethargic. So people with diabetes have to take extra care with their feet because if they get infected they may have to have their feet amputated.

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It is often the case that diabetics, and also elderly people, have poor circulation, which makes healing of wounds and infection much slower. Those with poor circulation will know that it affects the areas furthest from the heart, such as the feet. Diabetes can also do damage to nerves in patient’s feet and give them stiff joints.

It is the job of a chiropodist to keep diabetes patient’s feet in good working and healthy order. If you have diabetes, you should get in touch with your local chiropodist to look after the care of any foot problems you may have.

Chiropodists can help you look after things like:

  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • In-grown toe nails
  • and much more


It is paramount that you don’t try to take care for your own diabetes feet issues. You might  make things worse and put yourself in an even worse situation.

Things you can do to keep maintain healthy feet:

  • Wash them daily in lukewarm water, using a weak soap, and dry them thoroughly, not forgetting in between your toes.
  • Thoroughly check your feet, every day or get someone you live with to do it for you. If you or they find any cuts, sores, bruises, toenail colour changes you should call your chiropodist for an appointment.
  • Have the chiropodist come round for regular appointments, you may need professional help every few months if your circulation is very bad.
  • Ventilate your feet as often as you can, if you are sat down, take your shoes and socks off. Though if you are going around the house, wear some sandals or slippers to prevent yourself from getting them cut or infected.
  • You would be surprised to find out that proper diabetes foot care could not only save your feet, it could even save your life.


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