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Burn Care

Water Jel

At Scully First Aid Supplies we stock the leading brand of burn care on the market. Water-Jel is fast, simple and easy to use one-step burn treatment.


What is Water-Jel?

Water-Jel is a water-based, water-soluble gel that draws the heat out of a burn while it relieves the pain, cools the skin and protects against airborne contamination. By applying Water-Jel as soon as possible, the heat of the burn is dissipated, helping to prevent the heat from progressing deeper into the skin. The gel consists of 96% water and has the same cooling effects as water, but because it is thick, it stays on the burn and evaporates at a very slow rate. Water-Jel also contains a small amount of the natural extract Melaleuca alternifolia, better known as Tea Tree Oil. This has antibacterial activity to help prevent infection. Water-Jel also contains thickening agents and preservatives to maintain the gel’s viscosity and efficacy and give it a five-year shelf life.

Why choose Water-Jel?

Water-Jel is the leading brand of emergency first aid for burns.

Water-Jel Sterile Burn Dressings feature more gel in the dressings, which means they feel better, longer. There’s plenty of gel in the dressing to cover burns with a thick layer of gel to cool and soothe the burn.

Water-Jel dressings come in six sizes, so a first responder will have the right product for the injury. The more gel, the better. Water-Jel is the only brand that uses a medical-grade pad that carries the gel and applies it liberally to the burn injury. Other brands use a foamlike sponge that absorbs and retains the gel, but does not release it as effectively onto the burn. Water-Jel’s unique Face Mask facial dressing has precut eye, nose and mouth holes for easy and immediate one-step care.

Water-Jel Fire Blankets come in three sizes for large area burns. They are the only gel-soaked blankets available in either high-visibility orange canisters (with an optional wall bracket) or in large foil pouches. Water-Jel Fire Blankets and Burn Dressings have a five-year expiration date from date of manufacture, so when people invest in Water-Jel products, they know when they can best be used and when they should be replaced. There’s no guessing and no taking chances with an old product.

Water-Jel is the only brand that offers two topical cooling gels and a unique topical gel specifically for sunburns.

Burn Jel cools burns to soothe the pain and also contains pain-relieving lidocaine. Lidocaine is a commonly used anesthetic found in many over-the-counter pain-relieving products. Cool Jel has a similar formula to Burn Jel, without lidocaine. UnBurn is for sunburns. It contains lidocaine and also moisturizing vitamin E.

Why do people need Water-Jel burn care products?

Water-Jel meets the following safety needs within most companies, organizations and homes:

  • Risk Management—lower the risk of serious injury and liability
  • Employee Productivity—improve productivity, care and goodwill to keep employees on the job
  • Workers’ Compensation—lower employees’ time off due to injury
  • EMS—provide pain relief and reduce the need for narcotics
  • Family Safety—at-home, first aid response to minor burns and burn emergencies
  • It WORKS!


Here’s a video of how Water-Jel works.





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