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Water Jel Burn Kit – Fire Service Burn Kit

Water Jel Burn Kit – Fire Service Burn Kit


Water-Jel Kits are available in different designs for the different work environments of first responders, safety managers and medical professionals.  These burn kits offer different combinations of Burn Dressings, Burn Wrap/Fire Blankets and Burn Jel to meet any Burn Emergency. All Water-Jel Burn Care Kits come in handy transport- and storage bags.

Water-Jel is a water-based, water-soluble gel that draws the heat out of a burn while it relieves the pain, cools the skin, and protects against airborn contamination. By applying Water-Jel as soon as possible, the heat of the burn is dissipated and helps prevent the heat form progression deeper into the skin.

The gel consists of 96% water and has the same cooling effects as water, but because it is thick it stays on the burn and doesn’t evaporate. Water-Jel also contains thickening agents and preservatives to maintain the gel’s viscosity, efficacy and give it a 5 year shelf-life.

  • Stops the burning process
  • Cools the burn and relieves pain
  • Helps prevent contamination
  • Non-adherent dressings
  • Water not required


Component   Description    Quantity
Burn Dressing   5cm x 15cm    2
Burn Dressing   10cm x 10cm    2
Burn Dressing   10cm x 40cm   2
Burn Dressing   20cm x 45cm   1
Face Mask   30cm x 40cm   1
Gauze Rolls   2
Scissors   Tuffcut   1


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