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Universal AED Trainer

Universal AED Trainer




The AED Trainer Unit, AED XFT 120 C +  is a universal AED Trainer unit. It does not replicate exactly any branded AED and is designed as a generic defibrillator trainer unit. It Features pre connected pads, an on/off button, a flashing shock button, as well as a visual metronome to ensure correct compression rate.



  • Newest model XFT  120c trainer
  • Remote control
  • 2 Sets of pads ( 3 Adult & 3 Child )
  • Red nylon carry case
  • Operating manual


  • Includes 8 AHA scenarios
  • Meets AHA 2010 guidelines
  • External speaker jack
  • Volume adjustment and pause function
  • Trainer operates using 3 AA batteries or mains



Description Size
Universal AED Trainer Single



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