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HypaCool Instant Cold Pack, Compact

HypaCool Instant Cold Pack, Compact



The HypaCool Instant Cold Pack provides instant pain relief quickly and easily to sprain and strains during the acute stages of injury, when treatment is most important. The cold packs are single-use and are easily disposed of in ordinary household or business waste.

The cold pack is ideal for emergency pitch-side use or relief on the trail. The packs are activated with a chemical reaction when squeezed and do not require pre-cooling in a freezer, meaning they’re ready whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Single use instant cold pack
  • Ideal for rapid response to acute injuries during sports, travel and outdoor activities
  • Quick, easy and mess-free method of providing cryotherapy
  • Activates when squeezed – no need to cool in the freezer
  • Compact size is 12.5cm x 15cm