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AED Responder Kit

AED Responder Kit



AED Responder Kit provides all the essential equipment to perform a defibrillation including gloves, emergency foil blanket, face mask, razor, clothing cutters and moist wipes. The AED Responder Kit is essential in case of an emergency when defibrillation must proceed and is highly recommended to have next to the defibrillator in order to respond quickly and save time. All the essentials came in a portable zip bag with a handle which can be attached to AED handle.


  • Prepare a casualty for defibrillation
  • Comes with all the essentials to perform a defibrillation safely
  • Supplied in a high quality zip bag
  • Kit can be attached to AED handle
  • Great portability


Description Size Pack
AED Responder Kit 13 x 8 x 20cm Single


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